Monday, 19 December 2016

2016 EPP Flower Swap - Update 2


When I wrote the first 2016 flower swap update in April I was determined to update you regularly ... well I didn't quite manage that!

First, let me remind you ... I have been swapping hexagon flowers monthly with the Inchy Flower Swap.  We are given a partner each month and we make 2 flowers to send to them in their desired colours, these are the flowers that I have made and sent:

April to Elizabeth in Virgina USA who requested jewel toned petals with grey/black centres

May to Beverly in Oklahoma USA asked for petals in shades of blue and white with yellow centres - these 'read' blue to me, I hope they were what Beverly was after

June flowers went to Ruth in Glendale NSW, she requested petals in shades of red/black/grey/white with white signed centres. I didn't sign mine as I was so worried about the pen bleeding and/or washing out, I've yet to find the perfect pen for signing flowers

July to Jenny in Ashgrove, not far from me here in Qld, Australia, she requested black and white petals with white or grey centres

August to Sara in Buckingham, UK who asked for petals with bright, vibrant colors with coordinating centres

September flowers went to Tessa Johnson of Iowa USA who requested bright coloured petals with purple centres - I love this colour combination, I may have to use it in a quilt!

I have received the following flowers in the same time period:
May from Michele in Winconsin USA, they are perfect

June flowers were received from Michell inGisborne NZ, they fit in my garden perfectly

August flowers came from  Susan in South Carolina USA, she sent 3 and this beautiful card

And of course I have been making myself 2 flowers each month, my additions were:






Relevant links:
Thank you for sitting through all of these flowers ... I think they are all beautiful and can't wait to finish my garden

Thank you for popping by

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