Monday, 25 June 2018

Trip Around The World Quilt Top Finish


This top has been finished for a little while

I finally had a go at a Trip Around the World Quilt.

I love this softer colours and included a white strip in each block to give the finished pattern some structure. Each block has grey, pink, green and aqua.

I enjoyed this strip piecing method of construction and like the irregularity of the colour placement.

Each block finishes at 1.5 inches and the quilt itself finishes at 45 x 45 inches

I have already got it pinned and am nearly finished with the quilting

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Patchwork Cushion Finish


I have recently completed this patchwork cushion for a friends birthday.

I love the simplicity in the piecing coupled with the hand quilting.

I spent many an hour agonising over whether or not the stitching was too dominant. But decided i like it just the way it is!

I finished it with some Leanne Beasley fabrics on the back and a zip closure.

It has now been gifted and in its forever home.

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Blue Irish Chain Quilt Finished


I have completed my Blue Irish Chain quilt.

This quilt was made using a selection of blue fabrics that I had on hand

Each finished square is 2inches.

This quilt is quilted with straight line quilting, first stitching in the ditch horizontally and vertically around each square to create a 2 inch grid.

Secondly I quilted diagonal lines through some of the grid square to mirror the diagonals of the Irish Chain design

The quilt is finished with a simple check backing with blues and greens and a solid blue binding.

This quilt finishes at 54 x 54 inches, perfect as a small lap quilt or a childs quilt.

For more information on this quilt top see my previous post.

This quilt has been listed for sale in my Etsy shop

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Room Divider Upcycled


Friends asked me to upcycle their room divider as their Christmas gift. 

I delivered it to them on Minday so I can share it with you now!

I forgot to take a proper before photo, but I snapped this one just before taking it apart. It was varnished pine with calico curtains.

First I sanded the frames back, with my helpers for moral support.

You wouldn't imagine that would be the most relaxing place to be with the sander going!

I whitewashed the frame and boy, that old pine soaked up way more paint than I thought it would!

I made new curtains with a teal voile. Voile was perfect for this project as the colour is on both sides of the fabric so it looks the great on both sides.

I am happy with how it turned out. It's always nerve wracking making something for someone else, especially when they asked you to do it and therefore have preconceived expectations!

I'm glad to say that they were happy with the finished product ... phew!

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Irish Chain Quilt Top


I haven't spent much time in front of the sewing machine recently. So when I got the chance I dug through my blue fabrics.

I have enjoyed the simple piecing of a traditional pattern that makes up this single Irish Chain top.

It was created with just 3 different blocks:
 - 9 patch
 - 9 patch variation for the edge pieces and
 - a plain background square

Now I just need to gather supplies to sandwich and quilt it

All blue squares finish at 2 inches. And the quilt measures 54x54 inches.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Introducing Flower English Paper Piecing Worksheet 2 - Stepping Stones


Today I'm introducing my second set of EPP Flower Worksheets, this is for my 'Stepping Stones' layout

These worksheets are great when you’ve collected and made your EPP flowers and have chosen your final pattern, but now you have these questions:
 - how many flowers do I need for a queen sized quilt?
 - how many background hexagons will I need?
 - how much fabric should I buy for the or edging?

This workpaper was developed to answer the above and includes the following:
 - line drawings for each of 5 quilt sizes
 - total number of flowers required for each quilt size
 - total number of background pieces required for each quilt size
 - total amount of fabric required for the flowers 
 - total amount of fabric required for the background for each quilt size 
This information is included on the first page for each size:

Quilt sizes included:
 - crib 49 x 50 inches
 - throw 61 x 67 inches
 - twin 64 x 99 inches
 - queen 97 x 99 inches
 - king 109 x 106 inches

Original patterns and calculations are for use with 1 inch hexagons, however conversions for the following sized hexagons are included:
 - ½ inch
 - 3/4 inch
 - 1-½  inch
 - 2 inch

The second page for each size shows the layout for the quilt, this can be used to plan colour placing or to update your progress:

A free copy of the throw size is available for 4 weeks here, the full worksheet is available in my Etsy shop here.

If you use these worksheets to create a quilt please share it with me.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

2016 EPP Flower Swap - Update 3


Here is the final update of my swapped Hexagon flowers for 2016.

I was late getting my flowers made for my swap partners and actually sent my October, November and December flowers at the beginning of December

The flowers posted were:

October to Debra in Texas USA who requested petals with a small print with small print, check or lines in black & white for the centres

November flowers went to Molly in Texas USA who had no preference on petal fabrics but requested yellow centres

December to Paula in Caloundra here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  Paula requested bright, patterned fabric for the flower petals with green centres, I hope they are bright enough

I received the following flowers from my swap partners:

Octobers flowers came from Carrie in Colorado USA

November flowers were received by Geraldine in Northampton in the UK - aren't those buttons cute!

And the flowers I made for myself each moth:



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