Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Completed Jumper


I have completed my first ever jumper! And I have worn it!

I used the Winterly pattern by Suvi Simola on Ravelry.

I chose this pattern for a few reasons:

  1. it is a top down pattern which means you can try it on as you go, which is a good thing as I had to adjust the pattern - more about that in a bit - and no sewing seams!
  2. There is a lace pattern which meant it wasn't just knitting in the round where I might easily get bored

I'm not good at guage swatches and I knew my guage wasn't right before I started so I adjusted as I went!
I began the with the correct number of stiches for my size but added additional rounds in the dark grey section to make the jumper wide enough and long enough to reach under the arms, in hind sight I think I made this a little wide, but the length is good.
I also added a little extra length.

The lace pattern wasn't too complicated and kept me interested.

As I was knitting hubby seemed to think I should be knitting a jumper for him - I guess that will have to be one of my next projects.

Happy Knitting all

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Barely There Quilt Top Finish


When I posted my finished jumper last week I found this draft post which has obviously been here a while as this quilt is well and truly finished - I'll share the finished quilt soon

I have completed another quilt top.

I am enjoying the movement in the pattern with the mix of rectangles and half square rectangles

There wasn't really a plan for this, instead I spent quite a bit of time moving blocks around on my 'design floor'

The fabrics used were from the first ever bundle I bought at the beginning of the year with fabrics by Rosalie Dekker, I fell in love with the muted teals, greys and pinks straight away

This was my first time sewing with half square rectangles, sewing them together was no problem, but I hadn't taken into account that the shorter edge would need a wider seam allowance to allow the points to match up!

The quilt finishes at 45 x 54 inches
made up of 216 blocks finishing at 2.5 x 4.5 inches
There are 153 rectangle blocks and 63 half rectangle blocks

Now I just need to find a suitable backing fabric and quilt it!

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Trip Around The World Quilt Finish


I have finished my Trip Around The World Quilt and I love it!  I need a larger version for my bed!

This quilt has been made using a combination of soft pinks, blues, greens and greys using the Trip Around the World Quilt Method

I goes against my grain not to have everything symmetrical and organised, but you will see that each block has blocks of each of the 4 colours

I quilted the quilt using straight lines going diagonally through the squares and added additional straight line quilting at the edges, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I have backed the quilt with a soft pink flower fabric and a contrasting white stripe

I love the combination

The quilt finishes at 45 x 45 inches with 1.5 inch finished squares

You can read more about the quilt here

This quilt is available for sale in my Etsy store here

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Monday, 25 June 2018

Trip Around The World Quilt Top Finish


This top has been finished for a little while

I finally had a go at a Trip Around the World Quilt.

I love this softer colours and included a white strip in each block to give the finished pattern some structure. Each block has grey, pink, green and aqua.

I enjoyed this strip piecing method of construction and like the irregularity of the colour placement.

Each block finishes at 1.5 inches and the quilt itself finishes at 45 x 45 inches

I have already got it pinned and am nearly finished with the quilting

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Patchwork Cushion Finish


I have recently completed this patchwork cushion for a friends birthday.

I love the simplicity in the piecing coupled with the hand quilting.

I spent many an hour agonising over whether or not the stitching was too dominant. But decided i like it just the way it is!

I finished it with some Leanne Beasley fabrics on the back and a zip closure.

It has now been gifted and in its forever home.

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Blue Irish Chain Quilt Finished


I have completed my Blue Irish Chain quilt.

This quilt was made using a selection of blue fabrics that I had on hand

Each finished square is 2inches.

This quilt is quilted with straight line quilting, first stitching in the ditch horizontally and vertically around each square to create a 2 inch grid.

Secondly I quilted diagonal lines through some of the grid square to mirror the diagonals of the Irish Chain design

The quilt is finished with a simple check backing with blues and greens and a solid blue binding.

This quilt finishes at 54 x 54 inches, perfect as a small lap quilt or a childs quilt.

For more information on this quilt top see my previous post.

This quilt has been listed for sale in my Etsy shop

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Room Divider Upcycled


Friends asked me to upcycle their room divider as their Christmas gift. 

I delivered it to them on Minday so I can share it with you now!

I forgot to take a proper before photo, but I snapped this one just before taking it apart. It was varnished pine with calico curtains.

First I sanded the frames back, with my helpers for moral support.

You wouldn't imagine that would be the most relaxing place to be with the sander going!

I whitewashed the frame and boy, that old pine soaked up way more paint than I thought it would!

I made new curtains with a teal voile. Voile was perfect for this project as the colour is on both sides of the fabric so it looks the great on both sides.

I am happy with how it turned out. It's always nerve wracking making something for someone else, especially when they asked you to do it and therefore have preconceived expectations!

I'm glad to say that they were happy with the finished product ... phew!

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