Saturday, 27 June 2015

Twisted Rib Beanie - A Finished Project & Tutorial


I have completed another beanie!  This one was a request from hubby, he wanted something with a spiral so I set out to work it out!

It must have been what he wanted, as he has been wearing it!

I thought I'd share a tutorial, mainly so that I will remember what I did if I want to make another one day!

Please be aware that I have never written a knitting pattern or tutorial before, I welcome any constructive feedback

Twisted Rib Beanie Tutorial


  • 60gm/200m 4ply Merino Wool
  • 3mm 40cm circular needles

I'm afraid I'm not good with this - I don't knit practice swatches, so I'll tell you what I do know:

  • my 8 stitch repeat measures 2.5cm unstretched
  • my finished beanie had a circumference of approximately 45cm unstretched
  • calculate how many stockinette stitches are required to make the unstretched circumferance required - you will need a multiple of 8.
k - knit
p - pearl
ssk - slip 2 stitches knitwise from left to right needles. slip left needle into the 2 slipped stitches and knit
pfb - pearl front and back into same stitch
sl1 - slip 1 stitch knitwise from left to right needles
p2tog - pearl 2 stitches together
psso - pass the slipped stitch over previous stitch
slm - slip marker

Getting Started
Cast on 160 stitches (or calculated number calculated divisible by 8) ensuring the stitches aren't twisted
Place marker before proceeding

Knitting The Brim
Row 1 *k2, p2* repeat to end, slm
Repeat Row 1 until ribbing reaches 3.5cm in length

Note - if you don't want a knitted brim and want to launch straight into the pattern, knit row 1 once to avoid curling and proceed to the next section

Knitting The Pattern
Row 1 - *k2, p6* repeat to end, slm
Row 2 - *k2, p5, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 3 -  *k1, ssk, p6* repeat to end, slm
Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until total length reaches 18cm, finishing on Row 3

  • if you lose your place, count the number of pearl stitches between the knit ahead of where you are knitting, if there are 6 you are on row 2, if there are 7 you are on row 3
  • if you like a longer or shorter beanie, adjust the number of row repeats to suit the length you require

Shaping the Crown
Row 1 - *k2, p2tog, p3, pfb, k2, p5, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 2 - *k1, 22k, p5, k1, ssk, p6* repeat to end, slm
Row 3 - *k2, p4, pfb, k2,p2tog, p3, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 4 - *k1, ssk, p5* repeat to end, slm
Row 5 - *k2, p2tog, p2, pfb, k2, p4, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 6 - *k1, ssk, p4, k1, ssk, p5* repeat to end, slm
Row 7 - *k2, p3, pfb, k2, p2tog, p2, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 8 - *k2, ssk, p4* repeat to end, slm
Row 9 - *k2, p2tog, p1, pfb, k2, p3, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 10 - *k1, ssk, p3, k1, ssk, p4* repeat to end, slm
Row 11 - *k2,p2, pfb, k2, p2tog, p1, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 12 - *k1, ssk, p3* repeat to end, slm
Row 13 - *k2, p2tog, pfb, k2, p2, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 14 - *k1, ssk, p2, k1, ssk, p3* repeat to end, slm
Row 15 - *k2, p1, pfb, k2, p2tog, pfb* repeat to end, slm
Row 16 - *k1, ssk, p2* repeat to end, slm
Row 17 - *k1, sl, k2tog, psso* repeat to end, slm
Row 18 - knit slm
Row 19 - *k2tog* repeat until 10 stitches remain

Note - change to double pointed needle or magic loop knitting when needed

Thread remaining wool onto a wool needle, thread through 10 remaining stitches to close hole. 
Weave in all ends

Please share if you have a go at knitting this, I'd love to see your finished projects.

Thank you for popping by

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets - A Finished Project


The total of my weekend sewing are a couple of recycled denim dog blankets:

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets
Not great pictures I'm afraid, I took them this morning after they'd been slept on!

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets
Each top has been made from a patchwork of 3 x trouser legs opened up
Recycled Denim Dog Blanket 
And the back of each is 2 layers of an old fleece blanket that is no longer used. 

A simple sew around inside out and then turned in the right way with a simple line of stitches around the edge.

Now all of the family members have our own denim blanket. You can read about hubby's here, and mine here.

Floyd, showing off his new recycled denim blanket

Floyd was kind enough to model his, but he wouldn't let Gretle model hers - little brothers can be like that!!

Thank you for popping by

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Progress - Instalment 5


I have been a slack blogger, I have been sewing and knitting though.  I have some projects to share and I shall try and catch up over the next few weeks ... it's up to you to make sure I do!
I have tried to share some glimpses on my facebook page, please take a look here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, I have completed another 4 blocks for my Farmer's Daughter Quilt, past progress posts can be found here.

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 58 - Mother's Dream
Completed 7th June 2015
The astute amongst you will have noticed that block 59 is missing, when I came to cut and baste my pieces I noticed that I had drafted the block incorrectly, so I mustn't forget to go back and do this one!

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 60 - Noon & Light
Completed 8th June 2015
These blocks are a little brighter, almost fluoro, compared to some of my other blocks, but I like them.  I feel that the differing colours and styles hows the journey of this quilt and believe that once it is all together will work well as the same few colours have been used throughout.

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 61 - Northern Lights
Completed 8th June 2015
I am hand stitching this quilt using the English Paper Piecing method, hence the large basting stitches in each block.

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 62 - Old Windmill
Completed 8th June 2015
I've also completed some more sashing pieces and cornerstones.  

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block Cornerstones & Sashing

Quilt stats:
  • 111 blocks - 61 completed
  • 110 cornerstones - 24 completed
  • 32 half cornerstones - 10 completed
  • 28 setting triangles - nil completed
  • 4 small setting triangles - nil completed
  • 252 sashing strips- 49 completed
  • borders?

Thank you for popping by - I must go and prep some more blocks!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Flower Swap


It's time I blogged about the flowers I made for the May flower swap.

Paula (no blog) requested flowers with green centre's and bright centres, these are the flowers I made for her:

And I made these two for my flower garden:

And all together:

 I am loving that yellow flower with all of the pink flowers, might have to think about adding some other colours to my garden, hmmmm....

Now, I must try and sort out some regular blogging!

Thank you for popping by