Sunday, 21 June 2015

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets - A Finished Project


The total of my weekend sewing are a couple of recycled denim dog blankets:

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets
Not great pictures I'm afraid, I took them this morning after they'd been slept on!

Recycled Denim Dog Blankets
Each top has been made from a patchwork of 3 x trouser legs opened up
Recycled Denim Dog Blanket 
And the back of each is 2 layers of an old fleece blanket that is no longer used. 

A simple sew around inside out and then turned in the right way with a simple line of stitches around the edge.

Now all of the family members have our own denim blanket. You can read about hubby's here, and mine here.

Floyd, showing off his new recycled denim blanket

Floyd was kind enough to model his, but he wouldn't let Gretle model hers - little brothers can be like that!!

Thank you for popping by


  1. Great idea! Thanks for posting.

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