Friday, 25 September 2015

English Paper Piecing Basting Tip


No matter your basting technique, whether you glue baste or thread baste, whether you baste through your templates or around the back, the direction you baste your pieces is important.

Close up of front and back of star with interlocking tips
This post isn't about teaching you how to baste, but the importance of a consistent basting technique.

To ensure that all of your pieces nest neatly on the back as these do you need to baste in the same direction on every piece

Close up of basted diamonds
As you can see from these diamond backs I have basted all of them anti-clockwise - my direction of choice.  I baste EVERYTHING in this direction.

Close up of basted diamonds
I start at one side on every shape and move the piece in my hand clockwise so that I am basting it anti clockwise.

Close up of basted diamonds
As you can see from the font of the diamonds, all of the tails are going in the same direction.

Close up of front and back of star with interlocking tips

No matter the shape, consistent basting will ensure that the tails always lock into place and you will have a quilt that will lie nice and flat.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, 20 September 2015

EPP Hexagon and Star Quilt Update


I have been slowly working on my English Paper Pieced Hexagon and Star Quilt and it is getting closer to a finish ... happy dance!

Vicki Sews English Paper Pieced Diamond and Star Quilt progress
As always, I work by creating slabs or sections of the quilt, ensuring that I am working on pieces that don't get too large and unwieldy to manhandle.

Vicki Sews English Paper Pieced Diamond and Star Quilt progress
You can see more on my slab construction process here.

I have now finished all of the main slabs and am working on the border pieces, I'm keeping the border simple in plain white.

Vicki Sews English Paper Pieced Diamond and Star Quilt progress
The current size is approximately 86 x 73 inches, I am happy with the width and believe that with the top and bottom border the height will be suitable too for an oversized quilt on our queen size bed.

Here is a visual of the work left to complete
Vicki Sews English Paper Pieced Diamond and Star Quilt progress visual
I am certainly getting closer to a finish and that makes me happy - I'm getting closer to having this on my bed!

To see more regular peeks at this quilt and it's progress follow me on facebook.

Thank you for popping by, I've got to go and cut some more 2inch hexies.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Introducing my EPP Flying Geese Downloadable Printable Templates


Today I want to introduce you to my new downloadable flying geese templates with printable pieces for English Paper Piecers that are now available through my Etsy shop.

Each download includes the shown 4 shapes that enable you to make a multitude of patterns based around the flying geese shape
 - large half square triangle
 - small half square triangle
 - square
 - parallelogram

Together the two half square triangle shapes make your traditional flying geese

You can make all of the patterns with just these two shapes, however by adding squares ...

and parallelograms the patterns take on a more seamless look

There are 5 versions available to create finished geese at the following sizes:
 - 1 x 2 inch
 - 1.5 x 3 inch
 - 2 x 4 inch
 - 2.5 x 5 inch
 - 3 x 6 inch
I also offer a bulk lot of all 5 sets of templates.
Additionally if you require the files with different size finished geese I can create these for you - just drop me an email: vicki {dot} isaacs {at} bigopond {dot} com

Please note that these downloadable templates include the SHAPES ONLY, no patterns so that you can be as creative as you like.

I am also working on pattern sheets using these templates and other downloadable templates using other shapes.  Please follow along on here, or facebook to keep updated.

If there is something that you'd specifically like to see, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Finally to celebrate these with me, if you use the coupon code FG0915 you will receive a 20% discount on these downloads until the end of September.

Thank you for popping by

Friday, 4 September 2015

Farmer's Wife Quilt 2015 Instalment 6


I've been slowly working through my Farmer's Wife Daughter Quilt blocks, sashing and cornerstones

This Maple Leaf block is a little wrinkly, I'm hoping that a good pressing will flatten it out, if not I may have to re-create it
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 63 - Ozark Maple Leaf 
Completed  26 July 2015
I really like this block, so pretty, but as usual my photography skills are lacking and it doesn't really show the true colours:
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 64 - {eace & Plenty 
Completed  6 August 2015
I've definitely chosen some more peaceful colour combinations this time, and I like them:
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 65 - Peaceful Hours 
Completed  6 August 2015
I really like this periwinkle block, so simple, yet so striking - I might have to make a larger project using this block
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 66 - Periwinkle
Completed  26 July 2015
 Those of you that follow along on facebook may have noticed that I have changed the green in this tree. The initial choice just blended in to the background.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 67 - Pine Tree
Completed  27 August 2015
This is the first piece that I have unpicked and changed, I've tried to stick with decisions made, after all I must have liked my choices at the time I made them.
Quilt stats:
  • 111 blocks - 66 completed
  • 110 cornerstones - 37 completed
  • 32 half cornerstones - 12 completed
  • 28 setting triangles - nil completed
  • 4 small setting triangles - nil completed
  • 252 sashing strips- 55 completed
  • borders?

Thank you for popping by