Friday, 27 November 2015

Intoducing English Paper Piecing Plus Pieces


As usual I can't help myself and I have more than one English Paper Piecing (EPP) project on the go at once.

I have been playing with patterns, I'm starting my EPP Plus journey with something simple:
However with just these 3 shapes - 'house', square and half square triangle other patterns can also be created:

Of course, you don't have to stick with the plus, other patterns can be created:

 I have also created downloadable templates for EPP which are avalable from my Etsy store so that you can create some of your own

These are available with a 1 inch house and a 2 inch house (measured across the bottom)

Please share any pieces you create using these downloads.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bermuda's Quilt - A Finished Quilt


I have a new finish - Bermuda's Quilt:

My good friend, Bermuda, had been collecting fabrics to have a quilt made and way back in June I got these beautiful jewel toned fabrics from her:

Bermuda's Fabric Pull
I knew Bermuda's room was quite dark and that she wanted a quilt that would be bright and airy.  This was confirmed by the mosaic of inspiration quilts that she found and sent to me:

1. Ruby, Pearl & Opal Quilt  2. Unknown  3. Unknown
4. Unknown 5. Charming  6. Kissing Fish Baby Quilt
7. Unkown  8. Unknown  9. Unknown
(I haven't been able to locate sources for all of these quilts, if you know, please provide details so that I can provide credits for them)

I also knew that I wanted to do something original and that I had recently purchased an equilateral triangle ruler, which I had yet to use, so I went with diamonds.

Diamonds are forever, as are good friends.

Bermuda also likes dragon fly's so I included some in this quilt for her

I pieced this into 3 sections and then went crazy with the free motion quilting

The quilting took a LOT longer than I had planned and much longer than the piecing

The finished quilt is a double size finishing at 81 x 84 inches after washing (shown here on a queen bed)

I am so very happy with my first finished full sized quilt. And Bermuda was thrilled with it too - WIN!

I have LOTS more photos, so expect to see another post starring this quilt!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Star & Hexagon EPP Quilt Update - November


I am slowly making progress on my star and hexagon English Paper Pieced (EPP) quilt, whilst working on other projects too.

Here is a count of what I have to date using 2" diamonds and hexagons:

15 star and diamond slabs, that's 8 stars and 16 diamonds per slab or  total of 120 stars and 240 hexagons

5 half star and diamond slabs (I created these to add a bit more width to the quilt), that's 4 stars and 8 diamonds per slab or 20 stars and 40 hexagons

10 white side border pieces each consisting of 8 hexagons and 2 diamonds, a total of 80 hexagons and 20 diamonds

7 top/bottom border pieces each consisting of 8 hexagons and 3 diamonds, totaling 56 hexagons and 21 diamonds to date

Were you playing along?  the total completed to date is:

  • 140 stars OR 840 diamonds
  • 416 hexagons
  • 41 white diamonds
I have most of the missing border pieces basted, I am just piecing them in my production line like method.

To complete the borders I need to stitch another 56 hexagons and 21 diamonds and then complete the corner pieces

All of these sections fit together a little like a jigsaw, the blue sections below are the ones I have completed to date:

The end is in sight.  I plan on free motion quilting this on my domestic machine in 3 sections and then joinging and completing.

For previous posts on this quilt, click here.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

October EPP Flower Update


My October Swap partner was Grit from Germany and she asked for blue flowers with white centres.  I chose two floral fabrics.

I received these two beauties from Irene in Texas along with a beautiful card, they fit into my garden beautifully.

And as usual I made two for my own garden, I went with purples this month

I now have 37 pink and purple flowers, I'm aiming for a bed sized quilt but haven't quite decided on the setting so am unsure how many I need just yet.

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