Monday, 19 December 2016

2016 EPP Flower Swap - Update 2


When I wrote the first 2016 flower swap update in April I was determined to update you regularly ... well I didn't quite manage that!

First, let me remind you ... I have been swapping hexagon flowers monthly with the Inchy Flower Swap.  We are given a partner each month and we make 2 flowers to send to them in their desired colours, these are the flowers that I have made and sent:

April to Elizabeth in Virgina USA who requested jewel toned petals with grey/black centres

May to Beverly in Oklahoma USA asked for petals in shades of blue and white with yellow centres - these 'read' blue to me, I hope they were what Beverly was after

June flowers went to Ruth in Glendale NSW, she requested petals in shades of red/black/grey/white with white signed centres. I didn't sign mine as I was so worried about the pen bleeding and/or washing out, I've yet to find the perfect pen for signing flowers

July to Jenny in Ashgrove, not far from me here in Qld, Australia, she requested black and white petals with white or grey centres

August to Sara in Buckingham, UK who asked for petals with bright, vibrant colors with coordinating centres

September flowers went to Tessa Johnson of Iowa USA who requested bright coloured petals with purple centres - I love this colour combination, I may have to use it in a quilt!

I have received the following flowers in the same time period:
May from Michele in Winconsin USA, they are perfect

June flowers were received from Michell inGisborne NZ, they fit in my garden perfectly

August flowers came from  Susan in South Carolina USA, she sent 3 and this beautiful card

And of course I have been making myself 2 flowers each month, my additions were:






Relevant links:
Thank you for sitting through all of these flowers ... I think they are all beautiful and can't wait to finish my garden

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Introduing EPP Plus+ Worksheets


Today I'm releasing my first worksheets, prior to my weekly worksheet releases in 2017 so that you can get a taster

This is the worksheet to help you make a Plus+ quilt top like the one I shared last week.

The following is included:
 - line drawings for each of 5 quilt sizes
 - total number of plus’ required for each quilt size
 - total number of background pieces required for each quilt size
 - total amount of fabric required for the main section and background for each quilt size

The Worksheet includes details for the following quilt sizes:
 - crib 40 x 50 inches
 - throw 60 x 60 inches
 - twin 70 x 90 inches
 - queen 100 x 100 inches
 - king 110 x 110 inches

You can find a free copy of the throw sized workpaper here, to purchase the full set of worksheets for the above sizes here in my Etsy Store.

Just to be clear my worksheets don't include full instructions on how to make the quilt top, just a breakdown of the number of pieces, yardages of fabric etc. I will be creating a full pattern for this quilt, that will be coming soon.

I'd love to hear any feedback from the first workpaper - is there other information you would find useful?

Make sure you pop back for my year of weekly workpapers in 2017

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Introducing my English Paper Piecing Worksheets


I have created some worksheets to help my fellow EPPers.  I often hear questions along these lines in facebook groups:

 - how many plus’ do I need for a queen sized quilt?
 - how many flowers do I need for a lap quilt?
 - how many background pieces will I need?
 - how many hexagons do I need for the pathways?
 - how much fabric should I buy for my border?

So I have created some worksheets and each includes:
 - line drawings for each of 5 quilt sizes
 - total number of plus’/hexagons/shape required for each quilt size
 - total number of background and pathway pieces required for each quilt size
 - total amount of fabric required for each section of each quilt size 

Quilt sizes included:
 - crib 
 - throw 
 - twin 
 - queen 
 - king 

Each of the original worksheets is based on 2 inch houses or 1 inch hexagons however conversions for other sized sized houses and hexagons.

Each worksheets includes:

2 pages for each size of quilt, 1 with the details of pieces and fabric required and a line drawing which can be used to test colorways or to keep a record of progress

The header on the information page includes the number of main pieces required, in this case 161 flowers and the finished size of the quilt along with the title

The Worksheet advises how many pieces for the main sections of the quilt and the amount of fabric required.
Most of us use scraps to EPP, however this allows us to gauge how much fabric will be required.
The Worksheet includes the numbers of other pieces that are required, whether that be pathways, stepping stones, borders etc and of course the background pieces to finish the quilt

Finally the Worksheet includes conversions. My calculations, in this case, were for use with 1 inch hexagons, however if you were making the same quilt with pieces in a differing size the worksheets includes the conversions to other popular sized pieces.

I shall be releasing my Plus+ workpapers soon and plan on releasing one new workpaper a week throughout 2017. Currently my workpapers predominantly include hexagon flowers, but I hope to develop more throughout the year ... pop back for further information.

Please let me know which workpapers you'd like to see, or if there is other informaiton that you think would be useful to include

Thank you for popping by

Saturday, 3 December 2016

English Paper Pieced Plus+ Quilt - a finished top


Whilst I was unable to get near a sewing machine for months with lack of time and space I did manage to do some hand stitching and completed this Plus+ Quilt top.

I love it, it is made with shot cottons, aren't they gorgeous?

I used 2 inch 'houses' for this project, my templates are available for purchase and download here.

I actually finished piecing the top in about April and then it got put away.

I have now dragged it out of hiding, pulled all of the paper pieces out and have it ready for quilting.

In my sewing down time I have also created some worksheets and a pattern for this quilt ... information to follow

Quilt Stats:
  - 744 English Paper Pieced Pieces
  - 136 Plus' make up the centre
  - 60 x 60 inches finished size 

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Baby Half Square Triangle Diamond Quilt - A Finished Quilt


A friend asked me to make a quilt for a baby shower that she was going to for a baby boy. I had free reign, but didn't want to make a quilt that was too baby-ish.

I chose to work with half square triangles and chose shades of blue, teal and green pairing a light with a dark fabric.

I also chose some fabrics that I thought a boy would like, this includes, lady bugs, scooters, fox and a boy riding a paper airplane.

Each square finishes at 4 x 4 inches which makes this quilt 54 inch square - a little bigger than planned, but I'm happy with it.

I quilted it with straight lines, triangles within the 'dark' triangles and a square spiral in the centre.

Start to finish in 2 and a half weeks - the quickest for me so far!

Hubby hand delivered the quilt for me and I'm glad to say that it was well received - always a relief!

Quilt stats:
12 rows x 12 rows of half square trinangle blocks
- 144 x 4.5 inch finished blocks
- 54 x 54 inch finished quilt

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

I'm back! A Catch Up


Wow, it's been 6 months since I was here ... so much has happened ... we purchased a house and have done LOTS of work here, it's not recognisable.

Of course, that took me away from sewing and blogging ... I did continue to do some hand stitching and have worked on some other projects.  
Plus+ Quilt

Now that I have my  sewing machines set up properly I have jumped back into sewing and am enjoying every minute of it
New Cushion Covers
Over the next month or so I shall show you what I'm working on AND catch up on what has been missed, at least, that's the plan!!
HST Baby Quilt
Now that I have given you a few teasers, I hope that you will pop back in when I give more details of these projects.

Thank you for popping by

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt 2016 Instalment 1


It's been  while since I have given you a Farmers Daughter Quilt update.  I am still working on it slowly and below are the blocks that I have completed so far this year.

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 68 - Postage Stamp 
Completed  24 January 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 69 - Practical Orchard
Completed  27 March 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 70 - Prairie Queen 
Completed  25 January 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 71 - Puss in the Corner 
Completed  26 January 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 72 - Railroad 
Completed  28 March 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 73 - Rainbow Flowers 
Completed  26 January 2016
Pink seems to be my go to colour ... I can't say I don't like it though!
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 75 - Ribbons
Completed  28 March 2016
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 75 - Rosebud
Completed  30 March 2016
I have also added 11 more sashing pieces

Here is a progress picture, there still seem to be  LOT of gaps!

Quilt stats:
  • 111 blocks - 74 completed
  • 110 cornerstones - 37 completed
  • 32 half cornerstones - 12 completed
  • 28 setting triangles - nil completed
  • 4 small setting triangles - nil completed
  • 252 sashing strips - 66 completed
  • borders?

Monday, 28 March 2016

2016 EPP Flower Swap - Update 1


After the mass 2015 flower updates, I plan to give quarterly updates in 2016 so as not to overwhelm anyone - myself included!

The following are the flowers that I have sent to my swap partners this quarter:

January - blue or floral flowers were requested by Olivia in the USA 

February - Sue in South Australia requested dark red or civil war fabrics with cream or bone centres

March - Dorritt in the USA is a girl after my own heart and requested pink petals with yellow or blue centres

I received the following flowers:
2015 flowers from Beverley Kirk in the USA

February flowers from Lori in the USA

March flowers from Lynette, Qld Australia

And as usual each month I made some flowers for myself:

Who doesn't love some pretty flowers?!?

Thank you for popping by