Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Introducing my English Paper Piecing Worksheets


I have created some worksheets to help my fellow EPPers.  I often hear questions along these lines in facebook groups:

 - how many plus’ do I need for a queen sized quilt?
 - how many flowers do I need for a lap quilt?
 - how many background pieces will I need?
 - how many hexagons do I need for the pathways?
 - how much fabric should I buy for my border?

So I have created some worksheets and each includes:
 - line drawings for each of 5 quilt sizes
 - total number of plus’/hexagons/shape required for each quilt size
 - total number of background and pathway pieces required for each quilt size
 - total amount of fabric required for each section of each quilt size 

Quilt sizes included:
 - crib 
 - throw 
 - twin 
 - queen 
 - king 

Each of the original worksheets is based on 2 inch houses or 1 inch hexagons however conversions for other sized sized houses and hexagons.

Each worksheets includes:

2 pages for each size of quilt, 1 with the details of pieces and fabric required and a line drawing which can be used to test colorways or to keep a record of progress

The header on the information page includes the number of main pieces required, in this case 161 flowers and the finished size of the quilt along with the title

The Worksheet advises how many pieces for the main sections of the quilt and the amount of fabric required.
Most of us use scraps to EPP, however this allows us to gauge how much fabric will be required.
The Worksheet includes the numbers of other pieces that are required, whether that be pathways, stepping stones, borders etc and of course the background pieces to finish the quilt

Finally the Worksheet includes conversions. My calculations, in this case, were for use with 1 inch hexagons, however if you were making the same quilt with pieces in a differing size the worksheets includes the conversions to other popular sized pieces.

I shall be releasing my Plus+ workpapers soon and plan on releasing one new workpaper a week throughout 2017. Currently my workpapers predominantly include hexagon flowers, but I hope to develop more throughout the year ... pop back for further information.

Please let me know which workpapers you'd like to see, or if there is other informaiton that you think would be useful to include

Thank you for popping by

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