Sunday, 28 February 2016

Introducing Spots and Dots


A week before we went overseas for Christmas my MIL advised that for Christmas she'd like a quilt.  After I'd finished laughing I let her know that I'd complete one by winter for her after all Bermuda's Quilt had taken 5 months to complete from initial design to binding!

She wanted something scrappy and that's fine with me. I was trying to decide which design I would use when it occurred to me that I had completed a quilt a few years ago that was still sat unfinished in one of my packing boxes.

I dug it out and threw it on the bed.

This was one of the very first quilts I made. I had purchased the batting and an extra wide backing but had been put off quilting it due to the very small throat space of my 1970s brother machine - just 7 inches.

Each hourglass block finishes at 3inch square.  When I was making this I didn't have a stash of fabric so was purchasing random fat quarter all with the spots and dots theme.

A few years ago there weren't as many spot fabrics on the market as there are now so you can see that I was a little loose with my interpretation ...

... but I like the variety!

After putting it on the bed I decided that it did need an extra border, and I had also purchased the fabric for that, a green spot.

In January I had purchased a new Juki DDL-9000 light industrial machine with a 12 inch throat space so I decided I'd jump on in and give a queen sized quilt a go.
I'll share more about this machine once I've had a chance to REALLY use it.

Quilt stats:
30 rows x 30 rows of hourglass blocks
900 3 x 3inch finished blocks
3.5 inch cut border
93.25 x 93.25 inch unfinished quilt

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Paper Pieced Muddled Geese - A finished project


I first introduced my English Paper Pieced Flying Geese quilt here.

I have now finally put the finishing touches to it and can call it a finished quilt.

I used my 6" downloadable Flying Geese English Paper Pieces which can be found on Etsy here along with other sizes including 2", 3", 4" and 5".

Due to my printing error this quilt ended up slightly smaller than anticipated with 5.5" flying Geese ... printing errors happen to all of us at times, I didn't notice until I finished.

I used my flying geese 'Muddled Geese' layout - pattern sheets to follow.

I quilted it with simple straight lines following all of the seam lines (or 'in the ditch') around each flying geese block. This also meant that each goose got a quilting line down the centre and the quilt finished with an all over 5.5 inch grid of quilting.

I backed the quilt with a gorgeous purple fabric.  The selvage doesn't tell me what fabric line it's from unfortunately.

Stay tuned for the Muddled Geese pattern sheets, perfect for planning your Muddled Geese quilt whether you EPP it or use traditional machine piecing methods.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

2015 EPP Flower Swap Round Up 3 - Added


I have shared the monthly swap flowers I sent and the ones I received already.  Each month I also made myself 2 flowers, also in the same colourway as those requested from my swap partners.

I requested flowers with pink/purple petals and a light/white centre.



I couldn't resist the dragon fly centre - I was making Bermuda's quilt at the time and was putting some in that!


I received a lovely bag of scraps from a friend where  I found these fabrics for my December Flowers
I'm slowly amassing a nice collection of flowers- I'm aiming for a queen size bed 

and I am continually thinking about the setting, I'm thinking white outer petals and an aqua path ... but I don't want the aqua to detract from the flowers.

At the end of December I have a collection of 47 pink and purple flowers. And have already started adding the 2016 flowers.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

2015 EPP Flower Swap Round Up 2 - Received


In the last post, here, I shared the monthly EPP flowers that I sent away to my 2015 swap partners.

I requested flowers with purple &/or pink petals with a light or white coloured centre and my swap partners came up trumps.

Below are the flowers that I received each month and will make a wonderful garden.

January flowers were from Alana in Victoria

February Flowers were from Paula also in Victoria

May Flowers came from Celine in the UK 

July I received these from Debbie in Israel  

For August Gayle sent these from the USA:

Also in August I received these two Angel flowers as a sweet surprise as I had missing flowers - thank you Angel

September flowers came from Helen in the UK

Irene from the USA sent me my October flowers 

Novemer flowers came from Janet in Canada 

December flowers came from my closest swapper, Jenny in Brisbane

I also received one more set of flowers in July from LaRee, we connected through a facebook group and swapped flowers:

Thank you to my 2015 swap partners, I can't wait to see what 2016 brings.

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