Sunday, 28 February 2016

Introducing Spots and Dots


A week before we went overseas for Christmas my MIL advised that for Christmas she'd like a quilt.  After I'd finished laughing I let her know that I'd complete one by winter for her after all Bermuda's Quilt had taken 5 months to complete from initial design to binding!

She wanted something scrappy and that's fine with me. I was trying to decide which design I would use when it occurred to me that I had completed a quilt a few years ago that was still sat unfinished in one of my packing boxes.

I dug it out and threw it on the bed.

This was one of the very first quilts I made. I had purchased the batting and an extra wide backing but had been put off quilting it due to the very small throat space of my 1970s brother machine - just 7 inches.

Each hourglass block finishes at 3inch square.  When I was making this I didn't have a stash of fabric so was purchasing random fat quarter all with the spots and dots theme.

A few years ago there weren't as many spot fabrics on the market as there are now so you can see that I was a little loose with my interpretation ...

... but I like the variety!

After putting it on the bed I decided that it did need an extra border, and I had also purchased the fabric for that, a green spot.

In January I had purchased a new Juki DDL-9000 light industrial machine with a 12 inch throat space so I decided I'd jump on in and give a queen sized quilt a go.
I'll share more about this machine once I've had a chance to REALLY use it.

Quilt stats:
30 rows x 30 rows of hourglass blocks
900 3 x 3inch finished blocks
3.5 inch cut border
93.25 x 93.25 inch unfinished quilt

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