Monday, 14 March 2016

Introducing Diamond Strings


I have another quilt finish to share with you.

Again this one has been in the works for a long time.  I had all of the pieces cut before I received the fabric for Bermuda's Quilt in June, and yes, it has been sat here that long waiting to be put together.

Once Bermuda's Quilt was finished we began packing as we had a contract on a house to purchase so these pieces went into a box along with a lot of other sewing bits and pieces.

This year I am determined to try and finish some of the projects I already have started before beginning more - it's taking a lot of will power to stick to that too I'll let you know!

This quilt has a very limited palette for me and a limited selection of fabrics, but I love it.

I cut my strips at 4.5 inches wide before sub-cutting the triangles, the sashing strips were cut  inches wide.

I'm not sure yet what to do with the edges, whether I want to try and bind the uneven edges or if I will trim them for a straight edge.  

Quilt stats:
 - 144 yellow triangles
 - 128 steel triangles
 - 63 x 52 inches (when measured from narrowest points)

I can't wait to free motion quilt this one, the idea's for the quilting just keep coming! I need to complete the quilting on Spot's and Dot's first - it's in the machine and I manage to add a bit more quilting to it most days.

Thank you for popping by

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