Friday, 9 December 2016

Introduing EPP Plus+ Worksheets


Today I'm releasing my first worksheets, prior to my weekly worksheet releases in 2017 so that you can get a taster

This is the worksheet to help you make a Plus+ quilt top like the one I shared last week.

The following is included:
 - line drawings for each of 5 quilt sizes
 - total number of plus’ required for each quilt size
 - total number of background pieces required for each quilt size
 - total amount of fabric required for the main section and background for each quilt size

The Worksheet includes details for the following quilt sizes:
 - crib 40 x 50 inches
 - throw 60 x 60 inches
 - twin 70 x 90 inches
 - queen 100 x 100 inches
 - king 110 x 110 inches

You can find a free copy of the throw sized workpaper here, to purchase the full set of worksheets for the above sizes here in my Etsy Store.

Just to be clear my worksheets don't include full instructions on how to make the quilt top, just a breakdown of the number of pieces, yardages of fabric etc. I will be creating a full pattern for this quilt, that will be coming soon.

I'd love to hear any feedback from the first workpaper - is there other information you would find useful?

Make sure you pop back for my year of weekly workpapers in 2017

Thank you for popping by

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