Sunday, 10 May 2015

Khaki Ribbed Beanie - A finished project


Last weekend hubby asked me to knit him a beanie, who am I to disagree?

He requested khaki/olive colour with a cotton thread - natural, warm and soft

As a good wife, I headed straight for the shop and bought a lovely khaki cotton 'wool'.

Of course when I got home the only pattern I could find was for a thicker wool and I didn't have double pointed needles or circular needles in the smaller size I needed.

I haven't knitted a beanie for a few years so needed the security of a pattern, so I knitted it flat in a basic rib and loosely based it on a pattern I had.

The seam didn't look too bad and can be worn either way, which is good as it's long enough for a brim.  

He even requested a label - who am I to disagree?

One week later the finished beanie emerged and he seems happy with it, he put it on straight a way, but I couldn't get him to model it

For my reference I used:
4 ply cotton
size 3 needles
cast on of 159 stitches with a 1x1 rib

Now I've got my beanie rhythm going again I will try and branch out with the pattern on the next one, which is apparantly going to be dark grey!

Thank you for popping by

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