Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ribbed cable beanie - a finished project


After knitting the simple ribbed beanie, which can be found here, I decided to go for something different.  I was inspired by the knit on a cardigan I have.

Ribbed cable beanie

With all this ribbing it has knitted up quite tightly, but has lots of stretch in it.
Ribbed cable beanie - detail

I tried to work out the decreases as I went at the top, they aren't too bad, but I know what I want to try differently next time.
Ribbed cable beanie - decreases detail
I used 4ply yarn again, but I used wool this time.
Ribbed cable beanie

And finally as a reminder for myself I used:

  • 4 ply wool yarn
  • 3mm needles
  • 19 stitch pattern
  • cables every 9th row
  • decreasing started after 18cm
I promise that there has been some sewing going on around here too.  I will try and get a progress post up soon

Thank you for popping by

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