Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A long weekend of hand stitching

We are now at the end of our long weekend - it does feel like a break from work so that is always good.

I have spent some time on a number of hand stitching projects - I just don't seem to be able to stick to one at a time!

Knitted Scarf

The first cab off the ranks was a scarf that I started knitting about 10 months ago and it has been sat neglected for some time.  Last winter I completed a few knitting projects, but this one just didn't get finished and as winter is again approaching it seems like a good reason to get it completed.

I am a slow knitter, and once I got the hang of the pattern again I was able to sit in front of the TV and knit away.

EPP Flower Quilt

I received my April list for my hexagon flower swap so promptly made the flowers for my partner Sandra from California.

She had no preference for colours or fabrics so I decided to try some fussy cutting - it's harder than you realise.  Well, the cutting isn't, but basting it so that it is neat and 'flow's' is.  I am not happy with the chevron flower so added a third for luck!

As usual I also completed 2 flowers for myself in pinks and purples.

This is a slow project - 4 flowers a month and no more.  So many options for the layout, but I'm sure when the time comes I'll manage to think of something.


EPP Farmer's Wife Daughter Quilt

I have got the next 4 blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt ready.  I cut out the paper pieces and fabric and place them in a bag until completed.

I have also basted some cornerstones and sashing pieces.

EPP Diamond Star Quilt

And just because, I started cutting 60 degree diamond templates and fabric and then basting them.  

I love the look of star quilts, with a plain white hexagon in between. 

I have just started cutting into scrap and stash fabric choosing colours and fabrics I like, mainly ones with softer and not so saturated colour.  But as you can see there are no strict and hard rules.  The white hexagons will also soften it.

The farmers Daughter Quilt has to take priority, but sometimes a project where less concentration is required is great, I know you know what I mean!

Well, they should all keep me busy for a little while.

I didn't manage to get to the sewing machine, but I did enjoy the relaxing weekend (around study, work and chores).  I do have a couple of other works in progress when I do get back to the machine though.

Thanks for popping by

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Always important to have a "no thinking" project.
    Really love the soft colour diamonds!