Wednesday, 4 February 2015

January Flower Swap


It seems that I don't have enough sewing projects on the go already!  I have joined the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap, a place for English Paper Piecers (EPP) to make and share Hexagon flowers.
EPP Hexagon Flower
A flower is made up of 7 hexagons, 1 in the centre with 6 petals surrounding it. Often they can have an additional round with a further 12 hexagons or be made into diamonds.

Hexagon flowers can be used to make a range of beautiful quilts, the most traditional being the Grandmothers Flower Garden.

Grandmothers Flower Garden - FlossyBlossy

I received the above flowers from Alana in Victoria, Australia, I had asked for flowers with petals that 'read' pink or purple with a neutral centre. Aren't they just great!
January 2015 Flowers received from Alana
I have decided that each month I will also make a few flowers otherwise it will take YEARS for me to have enough to make a quilt! The flowers above are the ones I made for myself.

These are the first 4 flowers for my quilt, I plan on making a quilt for our queen bed, apparently that requires 3815 hexagons plus 66 half hexagons - 28 down and 3787 hexagons to go!!
Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt Progress January 2015
Don't they look great together?
January hexagons for Janet in bright colours

My swap partner, Janet from Caribou Crossing Chronicles,  asked for set's of 12 hexagons to circle around her flowers in bright colours, I hope that these are bright enough!

I am going to just make the few flowers per month at the moment and am still concentrating on the Farmer's Wife Hand piecing project.

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