Thursday, 29 January 2015

Farmers Wife Quilt 2015 Instalment 1

I've been slowly working on my English Paper Piecing (EPP) Farmers Wife  Daughter Quilt and have managed to complete a few blocks.

Beware there are quite a few photos here:

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 26 - Cut Glass Dish
Completed 1st January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 27 - Darting Birds
Completed  2nd January 2015

Farmer''s Daughter Quilt Block 28 - Duck & Ducklings
Completed 3rd January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 29 - Economy
Completed 3rd January 2015
 The beginning of January started well, not yet back at work, the air con turned up and the cricket on the TV - plenty of time for stitching!
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 30- End of Day
Completed 8th January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 31 - Evening Star
Completed 8th January 2015
 Some of the colours on  here don't look quite as bright as they do 'in the flesh' - I'll have to try and perfect the photography.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 32 - Farmer's Daughter
Completed 14th January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 33 - Farmer's Puzzle
Completed 18th January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 34 - Flock
Completed 24th  January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 35 - Flower Basket
Completed 19th January 2015

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 36 - Flower Garden Path
Completed 25th January 2015
I choose the fabrics, bag about five blocks at a time and then work through them.  As I baste and start sewing some blocks I find I am not as happy with the choices, then when it's finished they seem to come together.  But I am going with the overall approach - together as a whole they will look great, I don't have to LOVE every block individually as long as I am happy with the quilt as a whole.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 37 - Flower Pot
Completed 26th January 2015
Here you can see a progress image, still a way to go, but I am enjoying the process.
January 2015 Progress
I haven't decided what I am going to do with the cornerstones and borders yet - I keep changing my mind, but I have got time to make those decisions!

Quilt stats:
  • 111 blocks - 37 completed
  • 110 cornerstones - nil completed
  • 32 half cornerstones - nil completed
  • 28 setting triangles - nil completed
  • 4 small setting triangles - nil completed
  • 252 sashing strips- nil completed
  • borders?

You can see previous instalments of this quilts progress here

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  1. Looking good. Patience is a virtue whem making this, colours are going together well.

  2. Very interesting. It surprises me a little to see blocks done in EPP that could be easily done on the machine, but I like the idea too. I think I might like to try one of these quilts. It looks like something nice to work on between other projects.