Saturday, 10 January 2015

Koala Mittens

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You have probably heard about the fires that have torn through Victoria and South Australia, well some of the victims are the koala's who got burnt feet from walking through the area's where the fires have been.  Needless to say this means that they end up with burnt feet.

Once rescued koalas are really docile creatures who will sit still and let you treat them. Photo John Paoloni

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) put a call out for mittens that can be used in the rehabilitation of these koalas.

So, today I have made 9 pairs:
Koala Mittens

They are quick and easy to make and I made these by recycling an old pillowcase and digging a little fabric from my stash.
Koala Mittens
Typically, I had them all sat ready to go when I noticed I had an odd number of mittens, I could't send them as 'pairs' so ended up making a few more.

If you'd like to do your bit to help you can find further information and a link to the template here.  

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  1. actually, I hadn't heard. that's a good way to recyle and help the poor animals at the same time. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog
    Colleen @ piecemakerquilts