Friday, 29 January 2016

2015 EPP Flower Swap Round Up 1 - Sent


In January 2016 I joined a monthly English Paper Peiced (EPP) Flower swap. This is a hand piecing method that I really enjoy.

Each month all swap group members are allotted a partner, we make 2 flowers and post them away per the partners request. 

Below are all most of the flowers that I made and sent in 2015 to my partners around the world:

January - these 2nd round hexies went to Janet in Canada, she requested bright fabrics.

February - Simone in Victoria, Australia requested black centres with yellow petals ... I must do a quilt in these colours

I took a picture of all flowers before I sent them, but unfortunately didn't copy them off my phone and of course I lost them when it broke in November, so I only have the 'sneak peek' pictures for March and no pictures of the April flowers I sent

March - These orange and red flowers went to Shannon in the USA

April's flowers went to Sandra in the USA who didn't have a colour preference

May - Paula in Victoria, Australia requested flowers with bright petals and green centres

June - Penny from the UK requested pastel/ice-cream coloured petals with white centres ... so cute. 

July - A black and white sneak peak only of the bright solid coloured petals with tone on tone matching centres that were sent to Nikki in the USA

August - I don't have a picture of the bright coloured flowers I sent to Mary in the USA

September - Maggie Fellow in the USA requested civil war fabrics with a cream/tan centre ... not my usual fabrics and colours, but I was happy with the waya they turned out.

October - Grit from Germany requested flowers with white centres and blue petals ... loving these floral flowers 

November - Another sneak peak picture only - Kris in the USA requeted bright happy 2nd row hexies, I made these out of some beautiful shot cottons

December - These cute red petaled flower with white centres went to Krystyna in the UK, I actually posted them to her once I arrived there for Christmas! 

I must remember to save both the sneak peak and coloured photos each month so that I have a copy of them all at the end of the year.  I've saved January, so I've made a good start for 2016!

In my next post I'll share the flowers that I received from my swap partners.

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