Saturday, 24 October 2015

Introducing English Paper Pieced Muddled Geese


I've been working on some new English Paper Pieced (EPP) pieces lately, I've been really enjoying doing my hand piecing and relaxing at the end of the day

I've wanted to complete a flying geese quilt for a long time but have been intimidated by the points and decided that I have much more control over that with EPP

I've used large geese for this quilt, each 'goose' is meant to be 6" x 3" finished, BUT ... I printed my own shapes and forgot to uncheck the 'fit to page' option meaning that they were reduced in size ... a rooky error that I haven't made in a LONG time.

I didn't notice until I had finished it - so this quilt is made with 5.5" x 2.25" flying geese, making it a finish of 33 inches square

I've raided my scraps for this quilt trying to choose pairs of fabrics that incorporate a low(ish) and high(ish) volume fabric, but more importantly, pairs that co-ordinated with each other.

I always print and cut my own templates.  

I created downloadables that can be purchased on etsy, I shared information about them here, or you can find them in a variety of sizes in my Etsy store here.

Just remember to uncheck the 'fit to page' option when printing!

Now I have to try and make some time to get back to the machine to quilt it.

Thank you for popping by,