Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Farmers Wife Quilt 2014 Instalment 1


Like many, I started a Farmer's Wife  Daughter Quilt this year - I am the daughter of a farmer so have re-named mine.

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: Letters from 1920s farm wives and the 111 blocks they inspired

For those that don't know about this quilt, you can find the book here.  The letters are quite fascinating to read.  I am trying to read them as I complete the blocks.

I am piecing mine by hand using the English Paper Piecing (EPP) method and actually started it way back in February - thankfully I have been noting the date on the back of each as I complete them.

Here are the first 15 finished - beware, there are lots of pictures:

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 1 - Atic Windows
Completed 9th February 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 2 - Autumn Tints
Completed 13th February 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 3 - Basket
Completed 15th March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 4 - Basket Weave
Completed 16th February 2014
In general I have completed these in order, but that has not always been the case - I organise 5 blocks at a time into ziplock bags and occasionally they are completed out of order.  And there have been a couple where I haven't liked the fabric combinations once I have got the paper pieces basted so they have ended up in the bin and needed to be completed again.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 5 - Bat Wing
Completed 19th February 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 6- Big Dipper
Completed 23rd February 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 7- Birds in the air
Completed 10th March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 8 - Bouquet
Completed 1st March 2014
 When I started this quilt I had a charm square pack of Aneela Hoey's 'Sew Stitchy' and I loved the colours (you can see a couple of these fabrics in the above block).  I took out the red and worked with the aqua, pink, green and grey plus the added orange.  I am working with a range of fabrics.  As I progress I buy more so you'll see the same fabrics show up in a few blocks and then not be seen again! Luckily they will be dispersed throughout the quilt top.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 9 - Box
Completed 2nd March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 10 - Bowtie
Completed 2nd March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 11 - Broken Dishes
Completed 2nd March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 12 - Broken Sugar Bowl
Completed 15th March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 13 - Buckwheat
Completed March 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 14 - Butterfly at the Crossroads
Completed 27th December 2014

Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 15 - Buzzard's Roost
Completed 6th May 2014
As I have completed the blocks there have been some that I love and am really happy with and there are others that I think are a bit bright/in your face/gaudy, BUT when I see them all together and once there is white sashing I think they will all even each other out.
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Blocks 10-16
Farmer's Daughter Quilt Block 1-9

All in all I am liking what I have to date, however there are a lot of blocks and other pieces to go, I expect this project to take a while yet!

I have completed more blocks and I will update you again soon with all of the 2014 blocks completed, however I still have one in progress so I'd best get back to it!

Thank you for taking the time to see this progress,



  1. This quilt will be wonderful, one for your Mum I think! Good luck from one farmer's daughter to another.

    1. Thanks Jane, this one will certainly be staying in the family ;)

  2. Looks lovely!! I am so impressed that you are hand piecing. I have started and made about 5 blocks of mine before I had to give up for Christmas sewing. 2015 will be my year of selfish sewing I think. Can't wait to see the progress in your quilt

    1. Thank you - maybe we can encourage each other to keep going!