Sunday, 16 November 2014

My first ever quilt - a finished project

I am proud to share my first ever quilt with you.  I actually completed this about 18 months ago for my husband.  Since then I have made a number of quilts and quilted items which I'd also like to share with you, but you'll have to wait as I have decided to start at the beginning of the journey!

Hubby wears jeans for work and we have lots of pairs that are worn out so I decided to cut some up and sew them back together to make something useful.  As you can see I patched the jeans first before sewing them back together.  

These really couldn't have been re-used or sent to a second hand shop - they would have ended up in landfill ... I much prefer this use :)

I learnt A LOT during this process, one thing is that just opening up the legs of the jeans and sewing them back together does not make for a totally flat surface!  Also sewing through all these layers where the tops of the jeans are sewn together is HARD work for me and the machine - I have to confess that many needles were broken in the process of making this quilt!  

Useful information that certainly helped with my second denim quilt!

You can just see the quilting in the above picture - dual lines along the seams and another 3 sets up each side of the 'leg'.

I backed and bound this quilt with a microfibre sheet - this is a lovely soft backing and of course a little 'Handmade just for you' label.

I used a 100% bamboo batting - together the batting and denim top make for a very warm and heavy quilt.  

I am glad to announce that hubby loves it and uses it in winter.

I hope you will pop back and see some more of my sewing exploits in the near future.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Not very traditional looking, but loved none the less!

  2. That is an amazing quilt. My Mum was a fantastic quilter and she would have been so interested in your work.

    1. Thanks Jane. I would have enjoyed sitting down and talking to her!

  3. Great quilt, what a good way to use up old jeans. Love the quilt you made me. X

  4. Thank you - trying to find the picture of the quilt I made you to share!