Sunday, 30 November 2014

Berry Checkerboard Quilt - A finished project

Today I'm sharing a quilt that I finished about 6 weeks ago, I'm calling it my 'Berry Checkerboard Quilt' for obvious reasons

Finished Berry Checkerboard Quilt
I have tried making a variety of things since I have found quilting in the last couple of years and I just love the simplicity of these quilts.

I'm the sort of person that 'wings' it - I have an idea of what I want and I just start which usually means that I don't cut enough pieces, or I change the colour scheme half way through.  It may be a crazy method, but I feel that it has worked here!

I started by pulling  fabrics which read purple or purple-ish and starting cutting!  Of course this started to include pinks too, but I feel that it works.

Each of the checkerboard squares finished at approximately 2 inches and each of the purple/pink squares has been placed alternatively with a white square.

I found this gorgeous small floral fabric for the backing which is just gorgeous and seems to go perfectly with the quilt top, I really wish I'd bought more of it at the time as a second visit to the shop showed that they had sold it all!  The top and backing have been sandwiched with 100% bamboo batting.

I started the quilting by just outlining the seam lines, but it just wasn't working for me so I ripped that out and went with straight line quilting approximately half inch apart down the length of the quilt and I am loving it!  

No marking, I just went for it!!

The quilt is bound with a gorgeous solid plum which just finishes it off perfectly - if I do say so myself.

So this little beauty is now sat rolled up in my cupboard waiting for a forever home.

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