Thursday, 1 March 2018

Room Divider Upcycled


Friends asked me to upcycle their room divider as their Christmas gift. 

I delivered it to them on Minday so I can share it with you now!

I forgot to take a proper before photo, but I snapped this one just before taking it apart. It was varnished pine with calico curtains.

First I sanded the frames back, with my helpers for moral support.

You wouldn't imagine that would be the most relaxing place to be with the sander going!

I whitewashed the frame and boy, that old pine soaked up way more paint than I thought it would!

I made new curtains with a teal voile. Voile was perfect for this project as the colour is on both sides of the fabric so it looks the great on both sides.

I am happy with how it turned out. It's always nerve wracking making something for someone else, especially when they asked you to do it and therefore have preconceived expectations!

I'm glad to say that they were happy with the finished product ... phew!

Thanks for popping by

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